Where Are Your Brexit States?

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Where Are Your Brexit States?

The Red Wall in England. The rust-belt in the United States. What Michael Moore in 2016 called the Brexit States. What are the Brexit States? Can we think of them as medium-sized, working class communities that at one time were manufacturing hubs, but have shifted to the right with deindustrialization, leaving the left to find support mainly in large, metropolitan areas? This as left-wing parties shift from an economic focus to one on identity and higher education? If so, what does this look like in Canada?

I'll start. You might suggest that in Manitoba, the Brexit states consist of communities like Brandon, Dauphin, and Selkirk. How about places like Yorkton, Prince Albert, Moose Jaw, and the Battlefords in Saskatchewan? Or communities along the eastern shore of Lake Ontario? Could you suggest that in BC, these would be Interior communities like Prince George and Kamloops?

Or perhaps I'm completely off base. Am I correct that there are Brexit States in Canada but I'm incorrect in identifying them? Or maybe my whole premise of Brexit States is off base?


Vancouver Island and the Salish Sea has lost its industrial base in the last thirty years.  Gold River, Tahsis, Port Alice, Campbell River, Powell River all used to be small, one industry communities that paid union industrial wages, until the US billionaires came for our softwood lumber and pulp and paper industries.  However the people here still elect left wing politicians and dream of having the capital to build a sustainable future.