Where is Canada's AOC?

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Where is Canada's AOC?

Where Is Canada’s AOC?

Brave on policy and whipsmart on social media, she’s slaying Goliaths and transforming America. We need some of that.


voice of the damned

The Tyee wrote:

Stephen Harper followed in the footsteps of George W. Bush, right into a pointless war in Afghanistan.

Umm, am I misremembering the history here?


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voice of the damned

As for the rest of the article...

They're not calling for Canada to have a party leader or even a party bigshot like AOC(unsurprising, since in terms of her actual formal status, she's pretty low on the pecking order), but rather for Canada to have a politician with her knack  for getting attention on social media. But I'm not sure how exactly you go about making that happen.

I don't think it's too much of a stereotype to say that Americans tend to be more media obsessed, and celebrate people who thrust themselves into the spotlight. So the article's line of thought might be something akin to "How come the Hollywood liberal party-circuit hasn't given rise to a Stanley Knowles?" Nothing against Hollywood liberals(in fact, they're probably the closest thing we've got to left-wing billionaires), but I don't think it takes too much analysis to see why a taciturn, scripture-quoting prairie WASP isn't going to be a big hit in that milieu.


voice of the damned

And FWIW, as much as people on babble might hate to admit it, the Canadian politician with the saaviest social-media profile of the past few years has probably been Justin Trudeau. So, careful what ya wish for...