Where is the NDP's platform?

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Where is the NDP's platform?

Is this it? http://www.ndp.ca/issues

That can't be it. It seems so sparse! I remember in 2011 they had something way more detailed than that. What happened?

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I think the link sums it up best. What are the NDP issues? The middle class... the 'middle class' that is.


I was hoping they'd have a long version somewhere else, and this is just the "easy reading" version. What do you mean by 'middle class' in quotes?


Is this a summons to form a search party?  No one should forget to bring a pair of hip waders, and enough trail mix to last for awhile.


I was assuming they'd release it some time during the campaign, instead of a litany of announcements they've made over the past few years. 

I hope that assumption isn't wrong.