Which potential NDP leader is the greatest threat to Blairize the party?

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Has all the characteristics of a witch hunt.

People are looking for something they cant quite specify. [Witch/Blairite]

Then they go looking for characteristics that 'reveal' this quality. [Often held in secret.]



Doer has explicitly taken himself out of the race, in an interview on CBC Power and Politics, psmith. Explicitly.


I will readily agree that there are identifiable tendencies in the party- including one pushing the party in a more centrist direction. And its perfectly legitimate people dont like that, and want to agitate and organize against it.

But  a lot of the looking for how tendences come about, and what to do about, is a farcical search for cabals.

Rule of thumb: if you see the label 'Third Way' or 'Blairite' used, you'll probably find its in the middle of one of those farces... all the more likely if its in the title of a thread.


Ottawaobserever, do you mean that Doer has actually said he wont run in the race, or is it his support of the Tar Sands and the Keystone pipeline that you think makes him explicitly unqualified?

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..txs ken. you acknowledge there are legit concerns then sweep them away with broad statements. can you be more specific in who you accuse and how your sweeping statements pertain to them. edit sp



[ explicitly unqualified (?) ]


Doer has explicitly said he is not running for leader. I am too tired for the other sophistry.


Closing for length.


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