Who are u supporting for NDP Leader, how will u mark your ballot, and why? #4

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Erik Redburn

What makes you think Mulcair will give "you" government? 

Even if he did, what makes you think a Mulcair government would be "yours"? 

Something to think about before lining up behind behind the Globe and Mail's favourite.

Erik Redburn

Nash -1

Cullen -2

Ashton -3

Mulcair and Topp tied for most likely to turn the party into small-l Liberals.

Erik Redburn

Ashton, Cullen and Nash should also pledge their support to each other, if knocked out, as a good will gesture that there is still a functioning progressive wing in the party still. 


You see Erik I totally disagree with your opinion that Topp would change the NDP into a small l Liberal party. He was Jack Layton's confident and campaign chair - I didn't see Jack as l-Liberal, and Cullen wants us to have joint nomination mtgs with the Liberals - so Cullen appears the closest to small l-liberal.


Those are your choices but the "rational" just doesn't make "rational" sense, in my respective and respectful view.

Erik Redburn

Well Jan, I've said before I don't agree with Cullen's ideas for a pre-election coalition with the Liberals so I've bumped him down to second choice, but there's more to him than that.  And since the NDP has repeatedly offered to work with other parties (Including both Cons and Liberals) before I don't see that as a mortal sin.  I also maintain that Layton moved the party to the right under the advice of guys like Topp, therefore I don't really buy that he's a real alternative for any lefties remaining in party. 

I could however rate him somewhat higher than Mulcair now, thanks to his courage in even Mentioning the posibility of raising taxes again.  I just hope he has the politcal sense to frame it as NOT taking away from the middleclass but the rich and mostly foreign corporations, who have dumped most of the tax burden on the middleclass, and added a lot of unnecessary costs themselves.  Otherwise the rightwing media WOULD eat him alive.   Thats my one bit of friendly advice any candidate could use. 

Erik Redburn

Back to my original pint.  Only rightwing Liberals ae insisting that ONLY Mulcair can hold Quebec.  I don't believe Quebecois are so ethnocentric as to rule out an Anglo leader, especially those who are least TRying to reach out, nor do I believe theyre as conservative politically and economically (is there a diference anymore?) as the NDP bashers like Chantal Hebert imply.  Rule one of class warfare, never take advice from your traditional enemies OR competition, even when other rivals are in sight.  If liberals can't win under their own banner then they'll try to take over the others...or undermine them from within.  But they haven't entirely succeeded in the NDP -not yet.




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