Who outside of NDP Caucus would you like to see run for leadership?

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Who outside of NDP Caucus would you like to see run for leadership?

Not sure if this has been discussed before. I'd just like to see who Babblers would like to see take a run for NDP leadership who are not in NDP Caucus. They don't have be people you think even could or should win but people who could bring up issues that you think need to be addressed. Certainly Brian Topp is not in caucus, but for someone not in caucus he still has far more credibility than others outside of caucus would if they ran given his accomplishments in the party. 

I'd like to see Jim Stanford run. Not sure if he'd even make a good leader let alone politician, but I'd like to see him run so we can see a real discussion of alternatives to neo-liberalism. None of the other candidates would take such a bold alternative economic stance as he would, especially with Julian not going to run. 

I'd like to see Naomi Klein or Avi Lewis run for the same reason I'd like to see Stanford, only this time on the issue of foreign policy and relations. Not just so they could discuss Israel, but on other issues like NATO and what Canadian corporations get up to in the Third World.


Brian Topp may not currently be in caucus, but he understands electoral politics, unlike Naomi Klein who has said on several occasions that she's just not that interested in it.

Jim Stanford was on fire tonight on P&P taking apart Ian Lee from Carleton U. If he could contribute more as an MP, I say go for it. He's making a very strong contribution now, however.

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I agree, Jim Stanford is awesome.

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Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis would make great mps. Jim Stanford would be a fantastic cabinet minister. I don't see them as prime ministerial in my mind.

This guy would make a perfect spokesman for the PMOWink