Why Canadians sign my TPP petition

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Why Canadians sign my TPP petition

Why Canadians sign my TPP Petition

I have a petition calling for a binding national referendum on the TPP at :


An important part of the petition is that signers can give their reasons for signing.

Here are ten random samples of why they signed:

  • Corporations have become brazen and callous and refuse to adhere to ethical and moral standards of any society. This is another one of there planned power grabs and as citizens of the planet we need to stand shoulder to shoulder against these corrupt acts of greed.
  • I worry about my grandchildrens' future. This is one thing I can do to ensure they have an opportunity for a future.
  • Canada's resources, both physical and 'mental' are there to benefit Canadians first. We need the revenues from our resources to fund our social services.
  • We have to do everything we can to stop this deal! The future. Of our children, grandchildren, friends and their families depends on it!
  • The TPP will destroy what is left of Canada. It is not a trade deal, it is about the States ruling all they can grab and we would have to follow like sheep and have no say in our country.
  • TPP benefits corporations at the expense of social equality, jobs, government costs, and lowered environmental and food standards. TPP isn't so much about removing the remaining tariffs, but removing non-tariff barriers to trade, like food and safety standards. It's a huge corporate power grab. Almost no benefit, numerous costs: increased ISDS lawsuits, increased cost of pharmaceuticals due to patent extensions, job loss.
  • The Investor State Dispute Settlement mechanism will inexorably and quietly lead our population to become the snivelling, servile, 'Bob Cratchit's' of global corporate investment 'requirements'!!
  • For a high level breakdown of why TPP will lock in the worst elements of our society and further compromise us. http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/category/tpp
  • Since the first free trade agreement Canada has become less and less of the country I grew up in. It is hardly recognizable as its own entity. What becomes of a nation without any roots? Does anyone protect it? Care about it?
  • These deals make our democracy irrelevant.

These comments are exactly as they appear on the petition.   The petition is also a resource document providing background articles and videos on the TPP.

Robert Billyard  

Mission BC