Why the right-wing (Liberals & Conservatives) are winning, and how to reverse it

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Yesterday I was in a store and when the price came up the owner said, "that's the govt part." I said I didn't mind paying because the govt is us and it helps pays for the services and infrature that we get. She looked kind of surprised as I don't think she "sees it that way."

Anyway, we got to talking about "HST" and she didn't really understand it. I pointed out that her capital inputs wouldn't be taxed as they already are removed, so essentially she's not really gaining but large corporations will. I also pointed out that consumers will be paying for everything and it was a regressive tax as people will the least to spend will be paying more out of their pot.

What I am saying, and particularly when shopping when someone says something about the "tax" is to say well that pays for the things that are important to us, like healthcare, and that taxation should be "fair."


Good for you, Jan. I'll bet that shop owner thought you were just another lamb ready to chime in with her bleeting rant on taxes before you said that.


Actually, Fidel it was a great conversation and it appeared that she "got it". Remember little shop owners are also consumers. She was asking me about the HST as she really didn't understand it but knew that lots of folks were against it - as a small business owner she was just confused.



remind wrote:

The right does not deal with problems who are you trying to kid?

Read my remarks again,especially the "without conscience" part. I didn't say they deal with problems in a positive way - merely an expedient one.


Frustrated Mess wrote:

concrete efforts to attract the voter with the number one priority: a fiscal policy that protects the 'middle class' entitlements without ruining the economy or introducing delusional social engineering.

Here is an excellent example. The poster is likely middle-class. That there is rising financial inequality and a shrinking middle-class is of no concern to him/her as it does not yet affect him/her. So (s)he defends and advocates for a status quo, anti-change, and promotes false perceptions of sound economic management by the right, so long as the shrinking economy amd global economic crisis, brought about by the very ideologies and status quo (s)he advocates for (protecting middle-class entitlements), does not directly impact him/her.

When it does, then (s)he will be more disposed to change and open to challenging his/her false preconception fed by a media monopoly--a monopoly on discourse if not ownership.


Here's a false preconception for you: the topic is how to reverse right-wing success, not how to promote a left-wing implosion by blathering endlessly about 'inequality'. Get real - hysterical spoutings will do nothing to access power. Access to power is the only way to effect positive change.

I am addressing the *note, this time please* "middle class' voter that HAS to be attracted to lefty policies IN ORDER to defeat the rightys. Attacking me personally does nothing to furthur the lefty cause - it simply reinforces the perception that the left prefers to eat their own rather than engage in the strategic battle necessary to wrest power from the old boy's club.