Will Harper keep his word?

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Will Harper keep his word?



Several times during the election campaign Harper said that the party that wins the most number of seats gets to form the government.

As it now appears that the NDP will end up winning the most number of seats on Monday, will Harper be true to his word, resign as as Prime Minister, join the coalition of losers, and allow Jack Layton to become Prime Minister?


Thread proliferation.How many do we have on strategy considerations around the election?

Half dozen? Dozen?

And this is a part of that overall discussion- NOT a seperate topic.

Like I said: he can afford to go against his word if he need be.

Having given it, it is a factor against him being able to keep power should he have fewer seats.

But that is it: it is one factor among many, not a determining factor in what might happen in a hypothetical situation.

End of story.


Is is  a very separate topic and an extremely important one.


We need to get the message out to the media so they can ask Harper if he is going to kept his word and resign if he does not get the most number of seats like he said he would do. Let's force Harper to keep his word.


I don't think anyone can force Harper to keep his word.  It is difficult to get to talk to him.  At his rallies across the country, you need to be invited to attend (and even then I think they "vet" the audience with facebook and other social networking sites).  I don't think those who get an invitation will be arguing with him to keep his promises. 


I don't think it's at all obvious that the NDP will end up with the most seats. Not with the Conservatives continuing to do as well as they are in Ontario.