WTF? Why is Jack Layton addressing a rightwing organization?

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As I said above, I believe Noam Chomsky has said Bill Clinton (and to some extent Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State) are more open to looking at all sides in the Mid-East more so than other American politicians.  I'm hardly an expert on the subject so I can only suggest reading some of Chomsky's writings as to what he has said about it.

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Sometimes I wonder what people do not get about MLA's needing to represent their whole constituency as opposed to those that just vote for them?

I equally wonder why people think that someone who is looking at being a Prime Minister would not want to, and should not, address  ALL Canadians in their territory, when invited to do so?

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Michelle wrote:

I have no problem with Layton addressing the Canadian Jewish Congress.  As someone stated above, Layton should go where he's invited, even to groups he disagrees with - why not?

I'd draw the line at attending the Walk With Apartheid though.

Since when is attending a national celebration endorsing specific policies of that country? if a politician attends a Chinese New Year celebration does that mean tehy support China's actions in Tibet? If you do a BBQ and light off a few fireworks on Canada Day, is that an endorsement of Stephen Harper? Politicians get invited to all sorts of community events and being a good representative means attending them and meeting their constituents, not all of who share their views.


Cueball]</p> <p>I have to agree the CJC's 'Darfur Advocacy' is an excelent example of their focus on domestic affairs as is their support for the UJA's "Walk for Israel".</p> <p>[quote=Debater wrote:
I thought I wrote that CJC was involved with domestic and INTERNATIONAL affairs.

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Other than that CJC, were it properly constituted, should not just fight against antisemitism - the enlightened historic Jewish tradition is to join in unity with the struggles of all the oppressed and marginalized - it would be good if he said nothing about Israel

That would be nice too, but I'm sure Layton's going to say how supports peace in the Middle East and Israel's right to exist etc. and then say something about David Lewis.  If he's smart he'd point to the CCF raising the plight of Jewish refugees in the 1930s and supporting them coming to Canada something Harper and Ignatieff can't claim about THEIR parties. 

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When is this happening again?


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Some people think Bill Clinton had the most objective and fairest policy in terms of trying to find a balance between Israel and the Palestinians.  I think I heard Chomsky say recently that Clinton is the only U.S. leader that cared about the Palestinians.

The only American President who had any degree of success in moving the MidEast to a more peaceful place was Jimmy Carter. I can't speak for what happened with Israeli-Palestinian relations under his watch, but he did broker a peace deal with Egypt. And in recent years, he has openly called out Israeli apartheid. I simply can't see either of the Clintons or Obama ever acknowledging such.

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Certainly. But some analysis suggests that breaking the tacit alliance between the Arab factions was greatly to the disadvantage of the Palestinians, and a very powerful geo-political move that increased Israel's ability to prosecute its real territorial objectives, in Syria and Palestine.