Your questions for Charlie Angus Q&A early next week!

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Your questions for Charlie Angus Q&A early next week!

Hello babblers,

I've just had word from Charlie Angus's team that he'll be available for a Q&A tomorrow, time yet to be confirmed.

I know this is a tight timeline, but please submit your questions here ASAP. We'll pick the six or seven that best represent a diversity of views, will send them to Charlie's team, and then post the answers in a live thread tomorrow.

Edited to add: Charlie is ill and won't be able to do our Q&A until early next week. We wish him well and look forward to our dialogue with him.

Issues Pages: 

I'll keep this thread open for a couple more hours. If I don't get six questions for Charlie, I'll have to cancel.


Hi Charlie - thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. If you were Prime Minister, how would you handle the current situation where the Americans have imposed 220% tarrifs on Bombardier jets? The policy is so irrational. It doesn't just hurt Canadian jobs, it hurts jobs in Northern Ireland, and it's also hurting American workers, while being meant to protect Boeing, but Boeing has no equivalent to the planes that Bombardier was/is selling to the US airline anyway. How could you cope with such insane and vindictive foreign policy coming from the Trump administration?


During your campaign you have highlighted your support for artists and the arts in Canada. Are you aware of the campaign CARFAC has been championing to create an Artist's Resale Right? The Artist’s Resale Right would allow visual artists to receive 5% when their work is resold – just as they do in at least 93 other countries, and at no cost to the government. Whether you were already aware of it or not, is this a policy that you would support?

Todrick of Chat...

My question relates to foreign policy and defence. If you are elected would you conduct an official criminal investigation into the Afghan Detainee scandal against all politicians, government and military personnel involved? Would you then prosecute all those that have committed war crimes or broke the Geneva Conventions?

wage zombie

Hi Charlie, thanks for coming on Babble to answer our questions.

Will exported carbon be included in your national carbon cap?

Mr. Magoo

May I suggest "recycling" some of the non-candidate-specific questions from Ms. Ashton's thread (for both Mr. Angus and any other candidates who agree to participate)?  Not because they don't deserve "their own" questions, or because babblers are inherently lazy, but it seems to me that posing some of the questions to all candidate would allow some comparison and such.


Hi Charlie, thank you very much for taking the time to meet with us.

There is much focus on Quebec as a key region for the NDP, and while that is clearly important, I think there is one key region that the NDP is ignoring at its peril: Western Canada. The provinces that have elected the CCF/NDP for the longest time, that have ever elected NDP provincial governments more than once, and that deliberately re-elected NDP governments are in Western Canada. Western Canada is traditionally a Conservative/NDP battleground with little presence for the Liberals. Ontario tends to focus on how to "win" the election and the media presents that viewpoint as representative of Canada, and that hurts the NDP. Western Canadains, however, often don't expect to win and want someone to listen to their voice. What can the NDP do to win in Western Canada and be the voice for this region of the country independent of what happens elsewhere? This approach will reduce the number of Conservative seats, thereby minimizing the threat of a Conservative government, and at the same time making the NDP look like winners. I would love to hear your thoughts.


Hi Charlie - much appreciate your taking time to dialogue with us here!

Two questions regarding foreign policy and human rights:

1. The Harper government successfully blocked any inquiry into Canada's handing over of Afghan detainees to torture - which constitutional expert Errol Mendes called "... potentially a war crime and one of the most serious allegations any government has faced in the history of Canada." Harper's actions risked a contempt of Parliament ruling and a snap election - but he was rescued by an all-party deal in May 2010 which provided access to thousands of files to an all-party committee, which would decide which ones to make public. Jack Layton called this deal "a victory for parliamentary democracy". Seven years later... crickets. Do you think this matter is important enough to pursue to conclusion now?

2. In reply to a question regarding Canada's following the U.S. in imposing sanctions on Venezuela, Niki Ashton told us: "I do not support the approach that the Trudeau government is taking on Venezuela, including the sanctions." I haven't seen any NDP statement on this issue. Where do you stand?


EDITED: Whoops, my bad, I see that Todrick also asked about the Afghan detainees above. I'll leave my question, though, to emphasize that it's important to at least two of us!

Todrick of Chat...

I was hoping my question would have been asked to Niki Ashton. It is only fair that each canidate be asked the same questions in my view.  


I don't happen to believe that each  candidate should answer the same questions. But that's neither here nor there - the race is over, won the first ballot.  Any interest in doing a follow-up Q&A?