Andrea Horwath NEW Leader of the Ontario NDP.

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Andrea Horwath NEW Leader of the Ontario NDP.

I just saw Andreas first Question to Dalton McGuinty.  For someone new to the position, she looked very well prepared and very professional.  I was very surprised by who poorly McGuinty failed to handle a lobb ball question.  To be Premier of a Province that has been shedding jobs since 2005, you would think he would be able to hit a home run off the question. He seemed distracted, lost, a bit confused. It took him almost 9 minutes to finally say, but Bob Rae...... the escape hatch.

Each Question Andrea Asked, McGuinty looked like he was lost for an answer. 

Regardless, I opened this thread to watch the Progression of this new leader.  Will she gain media attention or fall of the radar. My thoughts are the former will prevail. 

Holding this government be held accountable?  Will the Liberals maintain their country club atmoshpere?

Will Andrea bring the 3rd party back to life after 13 years on life support?

St. Paul's Prog...

So far, so good.


Andrea is making her case vs McGuinty.

TORONTO — The New Democrats say there are even tougher times ahead for Ontario as the province continues to take the brunt of job losses in Canada.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath says the new unemployment figures are frightening and accuses the Liberal government of sitting on its hands as more jobs disappear.

No doubt, that Dalton has been a useless dweeb as hundreds of thousands have been thrown out of work. Well over 500,000 have lost their jobs under his watch, and he is out of touch.  But that doesn't amount to alot of pressure from the public or the opposition.

Andrea is making headway.

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Good for her. Having left the province I haven't followed the race as closely as I might have, but what impression I do have of her is good.


I have to say as a very avid Tabuns supporter in the leadership convention, I have been very impressed with Andrea's work so far. She is really following through with getting things rolling. She has already committed to being in Kingston and the Islands twice in the 2 months. We are very glad to have her and will look to continue this great momentum.

Bookish Agrarian

First we take KatI- then we take the rest!

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Bookish Agrarian wrote:

First we take KatI- then we take the rest!

I think that one's already been used, BA Wink


Good quote in the Toronto SUn



But Horwath identified what may be the Achilles heel of this budget -- the fact Ontarians were looking for help in tough times, not tax hikes and a massive restructuring of the tax system.


There is no doubt (at least in my mind) she is getting good coverage right now. I think we all need to take as much time to "advance our candidate" right now.

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Has anyone noticed any profiles of the new NDP leader on the news? I am sure the national broadcaster must have run a bio and interview by now, no?