Base Commander of CFB Trenton charged with murdering two women, raping two others

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I agree.  Although he was quoting his mother.  But still, yeah.  I also don't think it's a terrible thing to acknowledge that "SOB" is a sexist term in the feminism forum.

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Personally, I think stating that SOB's is unacceptable here in the feminist forum  is substantive. Especially in a thread about  women being murdered and raped by  a man who most likely objectifies women, and obviously disregards them, to the max.


But then of course I am a poor feminist, as it seems only  men know what  feminism should be about, so perhaps you are correct is acceptable, as you just wanted to use it in contextual value.


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Indeed language matters and I actually didn't think about it at the time.   I apologize.


kropotkin1951 wrote:

Which faction of the Taliban do you mean and from what region of the area?


Don't forget the Northern Alliance warlords (the majority of MPs in the Karzai government belong to this group) and the Karzai government itself that we are propping up, are as mysogynistic as the "Taliban" - if not worse.

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Maysie or old goat, hopefully you can close this thread shortly?


Would about now do?


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