Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MPP Bill Murdoch says it's time Toronto separates from the rest of Ontario.

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wage zombie wrote:

  We parked at Kipling station and took the subway in.


And that was back when Etobicoke was a city! Gotta represent. But seriously, those very same attitudes that you just spoke of. The whole we can't walk around downtown Toronto we'll get robbed/shot at etc are also perpetuated by some who reside in the old municipalities that comprise the current city of Toronto (excluding myself and others in said municipalities who actually spend time in the downtown core) I know I'm a Torontoian not by choice thanks Mikey Harris! But I have property in the riding next door to old Braveheart Murdoch (I've been in the Ontario Leg and walked by his office around the time he was turfed from caucus for calling for J. Tories head, and he's got a Braveheart cutout in his office.) in Simcoe Grey.I've got family in Scotland Ontario and Brantford region. My girlfriend is from and I've been around Sault Ste Marie ways. I love this province its frigging awesome. If some people are judging someplace they've never been (That's what people in Russia do) than fuck it. I'm hated and proud, (GG ALLIN) Toronto is where I live it ain't perfect but I'll take it warts and all (i'm looking at you Rosie, BS municipal governance etc)





Tommy_Paine wrote:

Hey, the town on Linwood, on the Manser road is on street view.


Tommy you lost me on this statement.


Priceville, Massie and Walterfalls is very nice also.


Sorry, typo.  Not "on"  "of".


Webgear wrote:


The man was likely from Toronto, coyotes like the smell of corruption, greed and immoral activity, hence why the man was attack.


I might have to watch classic Leafs to see Glen Hall, Johnny Bower or Terry Sawchuck to see a better save than that, Webgear.   :)


I've been to Dundalk many times, having friends in the vicinity.   In fact, they are on the next road east of road 9, where the attack took place, on the other side of the Grand River which generally separates the farms that front onto either road.    Nice land.

But, I wouldn't call Dundalk a pretty town, but then it isn't ugly either.  I'd say it's typical.   For me, a pretty town is Nuedstadt or Fordwich, maybe Hanover, certainly Mount Forest, and inarguably Grand Valley.    I've only passed through the Beaver Valley area once, but there's some post card villages and towns through there.  


Hey, the town of Linwood, on the Manser road is on street view.


What is street view?

I think we are thinking about different hamlets. Lindenwood is only an empty fields now.



Oh, you'll love street view, webgear.   Go to google, click on maps, and zoom in somewhere.   You'll get increasingly closer satelite pictures of the earth, until you get down, usually, to where you can see dog houses in people's back yards.   In some places it zooms into "street view" and it's a view of a street as if you were walking down it.  

I took a street view tour of Pompeii a few weeks ago.  It's really cool. 

That is, after I took a look at the land around Ortona, one of the places my father was invited by the Germans to visit in the 1940's.  Bad hosts, by his account.





Ok Tommy, I know the Google map feature. I just never knew it was called street view.


I use this feature a lot for family research. It is too bad, most of the areas I want to look have outdate imagery.




I am quite surprised at the imagery level for Afghanistan and Bosnia. You think the Germans are bad hosts, get invited by the Croatians for year long visit.

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