" 'Bureaucratic b.s.' could force Montrealer from English school"

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todd, you have every right to live here and I certainly don't question that, whether your ancestors came with the Loyalists or you arrived last week. My question is why you would want to, when you obviously hate us?

I believe there was a problem with documentation about the parents' English school attendance in Québec, no? Not just the deadbeat dad, but the mum as well?


Who is this "us" of which you speak? I'm a Quebecer, I don't hate myself. I hate prejudice, including anglophobia.

Kyle's mother went to school in the French system in Quebec. Kyle's father went to school in English in Western Canada.

We don't know why the parents are estranged; if he's a "deadbeat dad", it's fair to say he didn't provide the documents to send his child to English school, as his custodial mother has a right to do. Anything else is projection.