"CCLA opposes National Assembly Bill 94 (the Niqab bill)"

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"CCLA opposes National Assembly Bill 94 (the Niqab bill)"


Bill 94, tabled last week in Québec City, is entitled An Act to establish guidelines governing accommodation requests within the Administration and certain institutions.  Its central provision, section 6, goes as follows:

6. The practice whereby a personnel member of the Administration or an institution and a person to whom services are being provided by the Administration or the institution show their face during the delivery of services is a general practice ...

In essence, the government is presuming that interacting with a woman wearing the niqab who works for the government or is seeking a governmental service is an undue burden.

In our view, this general prohibition is vague, will lead to abuse and further marginalization, constitutes a denial of freedom of expression and religion, and is unnecessary ...


Excellent statement.


I especially like the line about high heels, corsets, and pantyhose. Man, I hate pantyhose. I haven't met many women who don't.


But srsly, that is fine work by the CCLA. If they're fundraising, some of us should remember them when we're doing the accounts.