Cheri DiNovo should apologize

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First of all, I agree with remind on one point - there's no reason to believe that someone will necessarily go to the police if they've been threatened.  I would, but I'm not everyone else.

Catchfire, the reason there's no backlash against the people you mention in post 98 is because we expect no better of them.  We expect better of people who are supposed to be political allies.

I think the death threats really happened because there's always some idiot somewhere who will do stupid shit like that.  And it's wrong, and there is no doubt about that.  Even calls to her home are wrong - her family shouldn't have to put up with that shit.  Andrea Horwath was absolutely right about that.

However, I also think that, once those threatening calls happened, they presented a pretty convenient way to smear progressives on Facebook who are standing in vocal opposition to her stand on Israeli Apartheid Week, when she suggested on Saturday night that they may have been the ones who made the calls.  And the mainstream media lapped it up and even gave her a pass on her completely incoherent ranting and namecalling that night as a result.

So, good for her - well-played.  She should enjoy the strokes she's getting from her new Conservative and Islamophobic buddies like Shurman and Dimant - she's earned them.

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