Cop causes sisters to miss funeral

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Cop causes sisters to miss funeral



Despite being a general menace to society, Smith was released from jail just two days before allegedly leading police on a chase that resulted in the tragic death of innocent 26-year-old driver Sara Attayee on Feb. 16, and faces 57 new counts.


Two days later the Kumars -- Rekha, 28, Sonia and Sapna, 23, and Sangeeta, 19 -- were among the mourners who went to Sara's funeral at the Uma Nabawi Mosque in York Region and followed the crowd to the burial site.

"We live in Toronto so we got confused," Rekha said.

Sonia got on her cellphone for directions, but the problem was the person at the other end speaks Farsi and was explaining in broken English. Sonia had trouble understanding so she handed the phone to her sister behind the wheel.

They all noticed the flashing lights.

"A female York Regional Police officer came to the window and said 'I see you are talking on your cellphone.' I told her we were trying to find this cemetery," said Rekha, adding that the officer "just smirked and said 'licence and registration.' "

In a hurry, the women pleaded for an exception or to have police lead them to the cemetery and hand them the ticket there.

"She was rude," said Rekha. "It was like she was talking over us."

The women, although of Hindu faith, were wearing scarves out of "respect" for being in the mosque, and said they were already crying over the loss of "the nicest person in the world."

It got worse.

"We could see (the officer) and her male partner laughing," said Rekha. "Maybe the camera in their car could show what was so funny."

I would like to know, too. I have a call out to the fine York force who will get equal opportunity to explain this if they choose.

The Kumars tell me after about 10 minutes the officer returned with the ticket, saying "have a good day."

It was not a good day. They didn't get their directions and missed the burial.

That's just twelve levels of awful.

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Was pulling over to the side of the road an option?

Sorry, but drivers on cellphones, no matter the reason, just aren't compelling victims for me, nor is Joe Warmington a particularly compelling advocate.

Also, in the interest of accuracy, they didn't miss the funeral, they missed seeing the burial itself.


I think it would have been far more ironic if they had been attending a burial for a young woman killed in an accident where the driver was talking on a cellphone. 

Pull over or be ticketed not very difficult. The Officer, if they did smirk, probably thought this is just another lame excuse for dangerous driving.



I swear.  They brought in seat belt laws just before I got my licence to drive, so I learned to drive wearing a seat belt, and never had a problem wearing one.  I like seat belts.  I can't really drive without one.


Except once.   I was driving an old dodge dart at the time, and the buckle just wouldn't work when I got in the car to go home after work.   I figured, heck, I'll fix it at home where I've got some tools.   You guessed it, I got pulled over and ticketed the one time in my life I never wore a seat belt while driving.

No.  Didn't tell the cop that, figured he'd heard that one a million times before.

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My grandma was very ill and not expected to live more than a day or so.  Of course I got pulled over for speeding.  Noticing the kleenex on the seat and the puffy eyes, the officer asked me if there was something wrong.


Me: No.

It just sounded better than my gramma is dying and I was just in a hurry officer....

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For once I agree with Heywood. A human being would have led those women to the cemetary infraction or no.  Enforcing a traffic violation doesn't require the surrender of basic compassion.

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One time a number of years ago, I was with a buddy of mine and we were passing through New Liskeard, in northeastern Ontario.

It was about 2 AM and we were looking for a gas station and I guess we had stopped and looked a little lost.   A cop from the local "Temiskaming Shores Police" stopped beside us, we chatted for a bit and he ended up giving us a police escort to the nearest 24 hour gas station!

We both kinda laughed and thought that was pretty cool.

Anyway, cops do have some discretion in the way they enforce the law.   Sometimes they'll cut you some slack and sometimes they can be assholes about things.