"Ethics head appeals case of 'racist' Montreal cop"

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"Ethics head appeals case of 'racist' Montreal cop"

"Ruling 'justifies prejudices'; Gun allegedly pointed at man's head"


... On the key point of "the Québécois-sounding" name, lawyer Louise Rivard, who presided at the hearing, accepted Pelletier's explanation and good faith in concluding there was "a low probability" that a black would be named David Lévêque.

Nonetheless, she warned, "the committee underlines the danger for police to base themselves on stereotypes, which is not the case in this affair, rather than on reasonable suspicions." Fo Niemi, director general of the Centre for Research- Action on Race Relations, said the committee's "strongly problematic" conclusion gave an erroneous interpretation to the non-discrimination clause in the Quebec Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

An appeal was necessary, he said, because the committee's ruling ends up "justifying and excusing prejudices and stereotypes based on race" and creates a "pernicious precedent.