Ford vs Smitherman vs Pantalone

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They make about $95k/year

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Thanks, thought maybe they would be partime positions, with much more reliance on staff.

Cue has a point, if people came out and did some signs even, momentum could change.

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Stockholm wrote:

Ward 19 in its various incarnations has not been "solidly NDP" for 30 years. In fact in 1980 it was won by rightwinger Gordon Chong and then by Jack layton in 1982 and then after that it was basically Pantalone's personal fiefdom - there is no guarantee that the ward stays progressive in the absence of a popular incumbent. While the NDP has won Trinity-Spadina federal and provincially lately - its always been a very hard fought contest and in every case the Liberal and Tory vote combined was larger than the NDP vote. Ward 19 is totally winnable for a well-resourced rightwing candidate with support from the local Liberals.

You mean to say the Mike Layton may not be as "attractive" as outgoing incumbent Joe Pantalone, and so needs all the help he can get from the organization?

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"Rob Ford celebrated Halloween at the 519 debate last night; apparently he came dressed as George Smitherman." —Justyn Stayshyn tweet

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p.s. Once again I will state that I am a member of the NDP. And I've pretty much committed myself full-time to doing volunteer work for Joe's campaign for just over a month. I exist! I do! Bull shit rhetoric to score points kills unicorns!

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Life, the universe, everything wrote:

Just asking, and I am not being snarky, has anyone asked Ms Chow or any of her staff, or the RA if they would send something out asking for volunteers?  I am sure it has been done, but the older I get the more I realize that we make such assumptions at our peril sometimes.  You would be surprised at the numbers of people who want to help and are just waiting for someone to ask them.  I know that is counter-intuative for people like you LP who is obviously very involved, but I have seen it time and time again over the years.

If you boys could stop peeing on each other for a minute do you think you might address this well-meant question.  Has anyone on the ground actually asked for a volunteer call?  Grassroots people may not know you need help.  Ask them!

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