Hopes on hold for laid off workers

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Hopes on hold for laid off workers

The Liberals sure messed Second Career for laid off workers as reported by SWO.CTV




Tut tut now.


The program is working exactly as intended.  It gave the Premier and his ministers endless "announceables" to convince people unaffected--as yet-- by layoffs that they care.

I mean, that's what being a progressive is all about.


Last year, 2nd career filled in 3000 of the 20000 spots they set aside. Major changes had to be made to make it useable.  Those were good changes and just in time. They have easily exceeded their 20,000 and now I want McGuinty to explain to the public, that regardless of his training bullshit, that they have NO ability to retrain the 500,000 people out of work in Ontario. 

Maybe now, the clown will realize that we need jobs now, and jobs to go to after retraining.

His minister looked pretty weak. He is a good guy I am sure and the program is the right one. Just what is the minister supposed to do if the money ain't there and the government isn't really serious about helping people.


Latest is that they are feeling the pressure from the college presidents and are looking at how to fast track according to swo.ctv tonight.  More work needs to be on jobs as people coming out are not finding work yet.


Of course the Ontario Liberals are feeling pressure from College Presidents. College Presidents line up at the queu for all those government dollars. This is alot about "them" then it is the students.  The community colleges are one of the biggest benefactors.

Private colleges and other training institutions cannot survive without the public monies.  But they do not get the facetime.

We are going to have a very well educated unemployed workforce. So, lets make certain that everyone who wants to go to school and upgrade ... can :)

But don't think that the community colleges are looking out for anything beyond the buck. Same as with the private institutions who need it more.


It's true but that community college's will benefit.  But if the program works then it's a good idea for people who are willing to go back to school.

The actual program and how it functions.... 

I have some experience with similar agricultural\farmer programs.  They were not well run from Toronto, by a contracted companies, not ag ministry people or local representatives. 

Oddly, the second career styled ag program was cancelled last January. 

Anyhow, my on the ground observation of how well the second career program was recieved, does not suggest a whole lot of initial interest.  I have to think that one of the grounds for applying was that a person had to give up their severance.  The program will have increased demand soon.  But not everyone is going to want to go back to school.

Second Career didn't really address people who were already out of work or who had given up on finding meanginful employment.   


Correct on all counts. 

However, after January, the rules for 2nd Career were modified to allow people with Severance to apply. The Severance is to be the contribution of the student. Wink   EI is withheld while collecting severance. Thus your severance is going to fund your 2nd career and is your contribution in income support.  The recent Federal changes to EI allow you to use Severance without penalty if used for education. The person is then eligible to collect EI while using severance for schoo.

(Can you say, sounds good in public, but is merely shuffling the persons money back and forth)

I never knew there was an AG styled program.  Could you tell me what it was and why it wasn't well received?





The program was called Canadian Agricultural Skills Service:



The details of how it was recieved are pending.


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