"Jeffery Amherst and other racists"

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"Jeffery Amherst and other racists"

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So, what's going on? An independent montreal city councillor is proposing that amherst st. Be renamed.

Why? A couple of reasons. First of all, it's named after a man who supported the genocide of North America's aboriginal population through biological warfare.

What's the other reason? The man, Jeffery Amherst, was English, and Montreal is a French city.

Those sound completely unrelated. They are, but Nicolas Montmorency, who is behind the proposal, wants to rid the city of anglicized street names, and he wants to start easy. (Who's going to come out against genocide?) ...




Oh please!!  this article is all about bashing the french - yet again.



martin dufresne

And dismissing Aboriginal concerns about a genocidal imperialist: toddsschneider doesn't discriminate.




Lordy.  Agreed.

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