Joey Pantalone's Plan for De-amalgamation

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Joey Pantalone's Plan for De-amalgamation

Joe Releases His Community Budgeting Plan to Help Reconnect Our City's Communities

This is why Joe Pantalone has created his plan for Community Budgeting.

Community Budgeting will... even more power at the community level;

...acknowledge the different character and priorities of the former cities;

...strengthen city-wide vision by integrating community needs;

...maintain checks and balances needed for implementation of that shared city-wide vision.

How it will work:

• Toronto's four Community Councils (Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, Toronto-East York) will have direct control over some aspects of local budgeting.

• Community Councils would fund their community's priorities in specific departments, by directing money within existing budget envelopes.

• Community Councils would be responsible for engaging the community in a democratic and consultative community budgeting process. By working with the elected Councillors on their Community Council, residents will have more influence over how money is spent on certain services in their communities.



Wouldn't it just make more sense to revert to the Metropolitan council that existed prior?

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Not entirely related, but thought this was the best thread to post -

A very interesting endorsement for Joe, and an interesting campaign:

First of all, the most important result of this election will not be who wins the mayor’s chair, but who fills those 44 seats representing Toronto’s different neighbourhoods on the council floor, who will vote on and ultimately decide the actions of our city’s government.  But the mayor still matters immensely, and the verdict from multiple sources (Public Transit Coalition, Toronto Labour Council, Toronto Environmental Alliance) is in loud and clear on who wants to make the greatest progress in giving us truly breathable air (he is the city’s former advocate for trees), improving the TTC (he helped design and implement the Transit City master plan), and bringing relief to those living in poverty (which has dropped in particular for children and the elderly, while crime and violence have unsurprisingly diminished across the board).  He has proved himself not with words, but with hard, consistent work and actions.  That person is Joe Pantalone.

Lord Palmerston

This is a great idea.  Not only does it make sense, but it's also an issue where Joe clearly differs from Miller, who has been too much of a centralizer of power. 

So much for "Status Quo Joe."

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This announcement actually got some coverage:

The Star
National Post
Globe and Mail

And good news from a poll: [url= Support Jumps in New Poll, as Ford’s Numbers Seriously Decline[/url]

Lord Palmerston

They should release the poll entirely.


i want to see a poll thats not from Joe's website.

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Me too. That said. I think the poll is probably accurate. Most polls only homeowners with land lines. I think Joe would appeal to that group less. As well, it continues to be true that Joe has more facebook friends than Smitherman. For what that is worth, it is still an good indicator.

Lord Palmerston

I agree.  Old man Joe Pantalone the thirty year career politician having more friends than the "hip" and "swinging" Smitherman is a good thing.

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Quite the 24 hours.

Joe Pantalone will announce his balanced fiscal plan for a sustainable TO at his campaign office - 366 Bloor Street East, Unit 6, just northwest of Sherbourne subway station @ 10:30. Please come on out to the announcement if you can. And stay tuned for the official release!