Marley T-Shirt Considered objectionable

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Marley T-Shirt Considered objectionable

Montreal's La Ronde amusement park is defending a security guard who ordered a man to cover up his T-shirt depicting Bob Marley and marijuana because it violated the facility's family-friendly dress code.

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He also wants La Ronde and Six Flags to apologize to Marley's family.


Interesting -- and cool -- demand!

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Maybe they should have a big pile of tshirts to hand out to offending patrons, Anita Bryant on the front and James Dobson on the back, or maybe Sarah Palin and Stephen Harper (both would have the benefit of portraying people who are suitably white enough too!).

If your sarcasm detector is not functioning, please flag as offensive.

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bagkitty: done. Tongue out

And um this isn't about a t-shirt.


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Maysie wrote:


And um this isn't about a t-shirt.

Well dye me pea green and call me a walrus, I am so surprised to hear that. (Is your detector ringing yet?)

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Clearly yours needs adjusting, mr kitty.

Tongue out



Boycott Six Flags. What kind of a shitty company decides to lose customers based on what they wear? Apparently they have already been sued for similar issues.


I'm guessing it had to do with racism and extreme right wing nuttiness (I hear both are catching on!)

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Family values folks.  What will become of us without them?


Speaking of family, back in the early 80s a couple of buddies and I were downtown goofing around, and we each were wearing Bob Marley t-shirts.  We must have looked somewhat odd in doing so because a girl running a hot-dog stand asked us "What's with the Bob Marley t-shirts?"

I quickly replied, "He's our dad."

Got a giggle.