McGuinty Liberals Plan to Sell Off Ontario Government Assets?

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McGuinty Liberals Plan to Sell Off Ontario Government Assets?

It seems as though the McGuinty Liberals are planning to sell off Ontario Government assets to have a more reasonable budget situation as we get cloer to the election next year in 2011.  But will the people of Ontario be able to stomach McGuinty's zest and zeal to rob them of the heritage and importance of these assets of the people?  Let's hope the message comes loud and clear:  "No, not this time Dalton!"




McGuinty's a tool for the Neoliberal order. His party need to look better if only on paper for the next election. It's broken. Or is it? Not if they intended to Margaret Snatcherize Ontario from the beginning. DAY-O!


Their plan is to create a conglomerate and sell off a minority stake. See:

If they retain control it doesn't seem like a big change politically. However, I'd question the intelligence of anyone wanting to buy into a business run by Dalton McGuinty.


This is funny, to me anyways as I was just thinking about Campbell and what McGunity had in common besides the HST;  And if government should be the one promoting business as what ever happened to the free market as leaders blow a lot of hot air into the economy.   Is it going to make things better and what is different about BC and Toronto as compared to say the rest of Canada that the HST is needed to keep business afloat as one sinks while the other one swims.  What ever happened to only the strong survive?  As the big guys get all the breaks and it will not help matters as America ain't buying its the other way around as things couldn't get worst.  As its what Toronto and BC have in common, only BC more so as Real Estate prices hit the roof making it one of the most expensive places to do business, same with Toronto and Alberta just sucks it up with Oil while the rest of Canada dosen't have that problem.  BC premier has been busily selling off BC since getting into office and is said to be a major player in deceiving the public with regards to BC Rail which is in the courts right not as Basi and Virk say premier was behind the corruption. 

Wouldn't it be better to let the market work itself out along with real estate prices as the bubble will eventally have to burst and no amount of HST is going to help during the jobless recovery as it will only make things worst.  So should government get involved in business?  Monkey business as British Columbians go ape over the HST tax. I think not as land developing premier says the roof is the limits and still that isn't even fixed despite all the money spent on it as Convention center is cursed from the start.  Well lets hope premier Campbell dosen't fix up the province to much along with McGunity as what where these guys thinking and who are they thinking for and are they capable of such thoughts as premiers leave things beyond repair.




And the Supercorp plan is dead for now: see

Selling off minority stakes in the individual Crown corporations always made more sense than the conglomerate. But I doubt that they'll do either, unless they win the next election promising not to do it: in that case it will happen six months later.