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So Mammoliti, the guy who has streets in his ward named after his supporters, is accusing some one else of lacking integrity?


This is an interesting proposal in this article, near the bottom - to change the composition of the Transit Commission to three councillors and six members of the public, instead of nine councillors.

What do the rest of you think of that?

I don't know that I'd put so few councillors and so many public members on the committee, but I do like the idea of at least a couple of public members.

One potential criticism of the proposal from me is that, at least provincially, "public members" of committees and agencies (including quasi-judicial ones like regulatory boards) are basically patronage appointments for political cronies of the government in power.  So for me, it would depend on how they choose the public members.

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Is there a law against having sex in your office after hours?


A law, like in the Criminal Code? I doubt it. Probably there's also no law in the Code against hanging some Hustler centrefolds in your office.


You, uh, really don't get it? I have an office where I work. Maybe I'm just stuck in the Victorian era, but I understand it's been provided for me to do my work in, not have hot, monkey sex in. Even if it's not in the Criminal Code!


What if someone else on the TTC commission told their spouse that a fare increase was in the works - should that person be thrown to the crocodiles as well?


If you know of someone, feel free to say. Same goes for anyone. If theirs isn't an elected post then it probably won't matter much. I doubt there'll be any "crocodiles" for them.


But you're missing the point. The point isn't that most people had a hunch about the fare hike anyway. The point isn't that we'd all find out eventually anyway. The point is that at his level of management, he should reasonably be expected to understand the boundaries. I'm a regular TTC customer, and I pay them a pretty good chunk of money each year for my metropass. Don't I deserve to know about these fare increases at the same time someone having sex with Giambrone finds out? Alternately, would it have been tragic if Giambrone's mistress had to wait to find out with the rest of us?


Write a letter to the editor about it, Mycroft!


Here's an article about it.


Those to be honoured include Steve Sanderson (of Accident Support Services International), Robert Chabot (of Centennial Sweeping), late councillor Bob Yuill, jazz singer Carol McCartney, musician Lou Pomanti, former NHL player Ron Attwell, who now lives near North Bay, and Gilbert Parrotta, former president of the Humberlea ratepayers' association. Area pioneers Isaac Devins and Mary Chapman will also get streets.

Larry Perlman, who ran against Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti in 2006, pointed out yesterday several of those named are associated or related to people who made campaign contributions to Mammoliti – and was accused by Councillor Mark Grimes of playing politics.


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