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MoE School Information Finder

Tomorrow’s Trust is a site which provides a review of Catholic education issues in Canada and internationally. This web journal's editior is John Borst, a Catholic School Trustee.  While I disagree with some of Borst’s views, I admire him greatly.

Here he shares his concerns and those of the parent advocacy group, People for Education, regarding the recently released MoE School Information Finder. Please read right to the bottom of the entry as Borst posts data available online at the MoE site regarding a selected school. This information includes the percentage of children with special needs, percentage of children from low income families and percentage of children with English/French as a first language.  The site conveniently allows you to put your preferred schools in a School Bag.

I am hoping that Babble readers will find this as disturbing as I do. I will be contacting my MPP, Runciman, regarding this issue. I hope that you will go to the People for Education link that Borst provides and voice your concerns.


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Petition signed.

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Ealier in the day, Kathleen Wynne defended the site but they appear to be backtracking now.



Ontario's education ministry will get rid of its new online school comparison feature and review the information provided after complaints during a meeting with parent and teacher groups this afternoon.


Education Minister Kathleen Wynne will convene a working group to look at what kind of information should be available, spokesperson Michelle Despault told the Star.


The issue was discussed today and everyone agreed they didn't like the demographic data, she said, adding that it will remain on the site for now.

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So they've admitted there's a problem, but are going to leave it up to please the school voucher crowd for now?

Skinny Dipper

Toronto Life has an interesting article on parents in Toronto choosing schools based on demographics.  You'll have to to go to my blogsite first.