More Crown Missconduct

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More Crown Missconduct


"Two sets of potential jurors totalling 240 people have been set aside in a Barrie Courthouse amid allegations that the Crown is using improper means to vet them.

Defence lawyer Mitchell Worsoff applied this week to have the two lists of potential jurors scrapped on the basis that they are "tainted" because they were the subject of secret background checks that violate not only their privacy but Canadian law."


"The lists contained personal comments on some potential jurors.

Beside their names are such handwritten notes as: "suicidal in 2001," or "Ongoing neighbour dispute — neighbour shot his cat" or "Witness to parent's domestic dispute. Dad is a drinker and assaulted her mother."


"They're using the American system through the back door," Worsoff argued. "There has been illegal conduct." "

Well then, let's charge this Crown, and throw her in jail if all this is true.

....a summons for jury duty I might even answer.