New Quebec Police Cadet Test

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New Quebec Police Cadet Test

The aspiring police officers can pass their physicals and answer the ABCs of taking down a criminal suspect - but can they demonstrate they're not sexists or bullies?

In a bid to meet the demands for a kinder, more professional police officer, Quebec's police academy has introduced a psychological test designed to weed out problem candidates before they get a badge and gun.

The test is intended not just to catch "wackos" itching to be in uniform, as one expert said; it's meant to suss out anyone with the potential for unseemly conduct.

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Thanks for the article caissa, excellent news, wtg QC.

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Excellent idea, but brace for the lawsuits.  If you've dreamed of being a cop since you were a kid, or if your father and uncle and grandfather were all cops, you're not likely to walk away from a rejection saying "well, I guess I had it coming, what with my outdated attitudes and all."  I'm betting on some pushback.

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Especially if you're a sexist bully!

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That is hilarious catchfire, as really, who would be challenging such a psych test, other than sexist bullies.

Psych tests are actually a common hiring tool these days, I doubt any challenge would win. Though only real tools would try anyway.

Cytizen H

I think the acknowledgement that there's a problem within Canadian police forces is a decent first step, but I doubt it's much to get excited about. With the police the problem seems to go right to the top of the chain. Also, does anyone have an idea of how successful/accurate these tests are? Can they be "beat"? Also, I wonder if there are vertain character traits that are being weeded out, would people be kicked off the force if the display those traits in the line of duty? Is this just a screening process? Or is there some acknowledgement of a need for accountability?