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We now interrupt this pissing match to bring you actual news of the leadership race.

Andrea Horwath has launched a new social network to facilitate discussion among supporters and others. It's fairly new, so sign up now to get in on the ground floor of discussions.


Here's the link: http://andreahorwath.ning.com/forum

Sunday Hat

As I said, Peter's got some contradictions to work out.

His platform does say that he wants to "lower energy costs" and he proposes some means by which people can get government help to reduce consumtion. All well and good - I don't think anyone objects.

However, he has also praised Dalton McGuinty for his "decision to remove the electricity rate cap for residential and small business consumers" claiming that the higher rate would "facilitate investment" (which would presumably be private since public sector investment shouldn't need profit incentives.) The letter to McGuinty is here.

So while he is in favor of lowering electrity costs he's also said he's in favor of raising electricity rates - which is a bit of a contradiction. Now, the above-linked letter to McGuinty is from a while ago so maybe his opinion has changed. I haven't seen a mea culpa if it has. If it hasn't -and he still believes that we need "market incentives" to reduce electricity consumption - then his commitment to "lowering costs" is a bit empty: He'll make it easier for you to reduce consumption but he'll drive the price up so you won't save anything.

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