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Sunday Hat

Bring the inflatable hammer and sickle SN.

And Stockholm, I don't think the Star meant "single-issue candidate" as a compliment. I think when the average Ontario voter listens to Tabuns they don't think, "There's a guy who gets me and my concerns." They think, "That guy says 'green energy economy' incessantly and I don't know or care what he's talking about."


scarboroughnative wrote:

I've never been but plan on attending this one and would like to know what to expect.

What do I wear?

Should I leave my inflatable hammer and sickle at home?

Wear whatever you will be comfortable in, in a southern Ontario winter.  There is very little formality -- the Leadership candidates will be "dressed up" and virtually no one else will be (that makes it easier to spot them Wink ).  Don't plan on bringing a hammer, inflatable or otherwise.  You will be downloaded with paper -- recent conventions have given delegates a cloth bag in which to hold the endless paper, but it will get heavy after a while.  A hammer will only weigh you down!

Bookish Agrarian

You could attend the arts and crafts event where we will be making paper mache hammers and sickles from all the paper handed out  - glossy is best for a great look by the way.


Heh.  An excellent comment to close this long thread, BA.

Continue here, folks.


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