ONDP Leadership Thread IV: Countdown

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Lucky U!


Ottawa, natch.  Have fun down there.  Oh and good luck on that executive election thingy yourself!


Got that house key,

Scott Piatkowski?



That was a lot better than my pathetic effort, Unionist.

Paul Gross

Scott Piatkowski:

Better than Stock on a jet ski!

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Ding! Ding! Ding!

Wilf Day

A young netizen Piatkowski

Opened doors to fame with his mouse key

"Alas" he did bleat

"My life's not complete" 

"I've still never seen a purple cow ski."


Haha!  Excellent.

Good luck on your election, Scott!  I'm going to close this for length, folks - feel free to start a new one. :)


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