Ongoing battle around IAW, and using, or not using, the A word to describe Israel's actions in ON

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You know what, someone who recieves death threats, and then gets questioned on her truthfulness about it and called a liar, is  being victimized regardless of who agrees with her.


Outrage over her words/actions in the ON legislature  is justified, I agree, never have not, and have actually taken independant action through another non-political channel about it, but going to where it has been going on the parts of some, isn't okay, not even close to it.






Synthome aka Derrida aka spurs hasn't got over Dr. Dawg's effusive praise of his vicious attack on babble:

Dr. Dawg wrote:
What a breath of fresh air this post is!

I've had my own problems with Babble, and then with EnMasse, which proved to be a kind of Babble(ML). You are, of course, entirely right, both about the feral participants there, and also the "moderators." These are line boards pretending they're not. [...]

Anyway, bravo. If the Left is ever going to be more than a discussion group, we need to kick open the doors, challenge our leftist commonplaces, take a new direction.

Our troll is just obeying orders.

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Long thread.

I've reopened this thread (should be fun!) for further discussion.


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