Ontario anarchist discussion forum created!

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Ontario anarchist discussion forum created!

I hope this anouncement isn't out of place here, but I know there's some like-minded people on this board that might be interested in knowing about this Ontario anarchist forum. Babble is vaulable as a general Left forum but if you're looking for disucssion from a specifically anarchist viewpoint please read on!

Ontario anarchist discussionforum created!

In conjunction with Common Cause, the popular international anarchist
discussion forum anarchistblackcat.org has now added a forum specific
for for anarchists and those interested in anarchism in Ontario.

Like the other forums there a high level of discussion will be
maintained through post-posting moderation according to a set of
transparent rules.

To read and post to the new public anarchist Ontario forum go to:

For our part, Common Cause will be regularly posting original news and
opinion articles on the board as well as our website and it's probably
the best place to drop in and have a chat with our members outside of
a local social event or meeting.

Topics under discussion include;
- York University workers on strike
- G8 2010 Huntsville, Ontario
- Ontario solidarity with Greece?
- Debt and Exploitation: The Coming Economic Crisis
- Hamilton organizing against health care cuts
- Mohawk Anarcha-Indigenist Taiaiake Alfred Speaks at McMaster

Again, to read and post to the new public Ontario anarchist forum go
to: http://anarchistblackcat.org/viewforum.php?f=61

To register a username and get involved on this active anarchist
discussion board go to:

Finally, don't forget to check the current active topics on the entire board at:

Looking forward to talking more with you!
The members of Common Cause


No worries, it's fine!  Thanks for posting about it and letting us know. :)


[url=http://www.xtra.ca/public/National/Protesters_mount_antiG8_peoples_summi... mount anti-G8 "people's summit"[/url]

“The G8/G20 represent a small minority of wealthy countries in the world, and their priorities tend to reflect free-market neoliberal economics and imperialist security,” says Marya Folinsbee, coordinator of the G8/G20 People’s Summit, planned for June 18–27 in Toronto. “And so, at the People’s Summit, our intention is to make space available for the voices of diverse communities around Toronto and around the world, to challenge the supremacy of the G8 and G20.”

The People’s Summit is really a conference, backed by a steering committee that incorporates labour, environmental, student and social justice groups. Queers have already received shout-outs in the advance materials.



Solidarity greetings best wishes in resistance to all involved in this important work!