Ontario blending kindergarten and day care II

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Ontario blending kindergarten and day care II

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One of our rabbletv interns, Xueying (Ci Ci) Fan, did a report on this, interviewing various people on the issue, including ETFO president David Clegg.

Watch here.


With all the talks about Ontario currently unable to afford full day kindergarten, Carol Goar of the Toronto Star brings up an interesting and often forgotten point: early education is one of the best financial investments that an government can make. It can help us get out of the current economic decline and prevent future ones.


"For every dollar you spend, you get $10 to $16 back," he said. "Where in the market do you get an ROI (return on investment) like that?"


Full story here.

Early Learning

I'm checking here for the 1st time since I last wrote in June, so this is late but here goes:

To unionist:

You're right, you changed yours 5 minutes before I posted mine. I should have said *I didn't notice* you'd rescinded till after I posted (since I didn't look again till after I finished mine - my bad).

I dont want this to come instead of federal child care. I just think it's better than nothing.

To remind:

You can think my posts "disingenuous" if you want. I was just differing with your interpretation, and saying what I thought was true when I read the report. I never called you any names or anything, and I've never said the plan's perfect, so where's this "propaganda" in my posts you write of? (Is it really the case you don't want to respond to all my points, or simply can't since you've little else to say? Since I disproved at least a couple of the things you said initially? But whatever.) So if you think anything in my posts are about "propaganda", whatever. That's your opinion. And anyway, if I were to write down what I think of you now, I'd have to use far worse words, so fair enough.

Anyway, I'm done. Who knows, maybe the thing will suck in practice, since who knows what Dalton will do. Maybe remind's right, and if she is I'll eat crow. (Now, a month later, I admit that's possible but not guaranteed.) But we don't know that yet.