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Conservatives no shoo-in for Queen's Park 30
Why this year’s election is looking a lot like 1995, and how that favours the — yikes! — NDP

The echoes I see are between the Liberals in 1995 and the PCs right now.

Back then, the Bob Rae government was in its dying days.

Rae himself foretold his future.

“I’m toast,” he told a reporter months before the vote.

The political culture in this province is such that once the electorate tires of a party, the Opposition assumes they will become the government in the next election.

Back in 1995, the New Democrats were government, Liberals were in Opposition — and the Harris Tories were in third place.



Who wins in this?

As in 1995, it could be the party in third place.

With the two big boys hacking away at each other on the right, New Democrat Andrea Horwath can chip away on social issues, pensions and care for the elderly on the left.

I suspect the Liberals are more susceptible on their left flank than on their right.

Horwath is young, she’s smart. She doesn’t represent the status quo.

I’m not suggesting the NDP will form the next government. But if they come up with a platform that isn’t scary, they could change the dynamics of this election.


And I am thinking the same thing - want the liberals to go because they are past due and people are angry @ them

Hudak, well each time he opens his mouth he steps into it - and Ontarians remember the Harris senseless revolution and what it meant - so where does your vote go?


Uncle John

If the NDP is up over 25% at this stage in the game, and the PCs can't break through 35%, there is definitely no PC majority government. If these trends continue, it will probably be difficult to say what the outcome will be.


I agree with that notion Uncle John. Let's see how Andrea plays all this.


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