OPP probes ministry staff

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OPP probes ministry staff


OPP probes ministry staff

July 17, 2010

Tony Van Alphen


Staff in some provincial government ministries are under criminal investigation by the Ontario Provincial Police, the Star has learned. The probe is examining business dealings with private-sector firms.

The OPP confirmed Friday that the force's anti-rackets branch is conducting the investigation.



My comment: Under the cover of 'independence' governmental agencies have been wrecking havoc with public funds as well as with unsuspecting citizens' lives.




Well of course.


It would be interesting to do a list of all the corruption that has taken place under the Liberal party of Ontario.

One big happy Family Compact.


OPP probing corruption by staff in at least three ministries
Civil servants escorted from buildings in raids and investigation of bid rigging, bribery and corruption on contracts

 Police are investigating staff of at least three Ontario government departments including the Ministry of Community and Social Services in a widening corruption scandal.

The ministries of Energy and Infrastructure and Children and Youth services are among the other targets of the Ontario Provincial Police probe that broke open publicly last week with raids on a block of buildings steps from the Legislature, sources told the Star on Monday.

Sources said the government escorted an undisclosed number of employees from the Ministry of Community and Social Services as part of the execution of search and seizure warrants in the vast complex known as the Macdonald block at the corner of Bay and Wellesley. Officers also raided the home of one senior manager in that ministry. 






Every time I read the title of this thread I am going to shift uncomfortably in my chair. (Just kidding.)

It's the particular departments that are being, ah, probed that concern me. Social services and youth services especially -- where is the scope for what in those two ministries?