Ottawa municipal election thread

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Ottawa municipal election thread

So Alex Cullen is in, Jim Watson might be in, O'Brien probably it seems.

Post any other news/rumours/speculations here.


Watson will say if he is running or not this week, O'Brien will wait until June to decide, or so he says.

Jack Manderson

Jim Watson is all but official. Another one droping out of Mcguinty's Cabinet.

People calling him a favorite could be accurate with his name being familiar to voters along with him being the Minister of Municipal Affairs for the last couple of years got him plenty of glad handing opps in the city

Alex Cullen's website is

Heard rumblings from folks who were not imprsed with the site, although I would not trust the same people running any real campaign work: they do make nice websites though.  

Couple of q's

What is "our ottawa"?? A slate?  please explain.

Who are the worst councilors who have the best chance of being knocked off?