Public Meeting: The NDP and Party Democracy

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wage zombie

KenS wrote:

My take would be the urgency to have one is overblown. Its not about making contributions to policy for the next election. Between the slowness of the policy and platfrom process, and te slow 'percolation' into and after Convention, the Convention itself even on scedule is in practice too late for concrete effects on what the ONDP presents in the next election

Convention dynamics has more to do with development cycles longer than the next election. There is a strong argument to be made that those 'developmental needs' make delaying not a good idea. But thats a different argument than the one that is mustered that is all about right now.

OK, but, shouldn't there have been a policy convention that did happen in time to effect what the ONDP presents in the next election?  Is the ONDP going into this election with a different leader but pretty much everything else the same?


Forget it Stuart. I've taken a shine to being a deep institutional loyalist. Going to my head.


To the zombie question- I still think Convention is about people making it their party, but thats a longer project than the next election. Let alone whether there is leadership support for maximizing the insitutions including Convention, Convention itself as an institution is too constipated and ossified to serve us well. Its important because its what we've got to start with, not for what it can do about what the party IS for the next election.

Of course, that isn't [usually] the message for getting people to participate. But I think if its not understood, frustration and burnout is guaranteed even if there is no serious leadership resistance to people who want more.

Life, the unive...

I am just going on the memory of hearsay, as I am not a member, but isn't working on platform and issue identification one of things provincial council or whatever it is called do?  Or is that an oversimplification?

Mike from Canmore

Life... to answer your question yes platform is developed at Prov. Convention. Since convention will not be happening basically nothing will have changed from the last election except the leader. It's Howard in tights. 

Life, the unive...

What a stupid, dismissive and sexist thing to say.  You continue to undermine your arguments.


Mike from Canmore wrote:

Life... to answer your question yes platform is developed at Prov. Convention....


Actually MC - that is not entirely correct. Usually the EPC helps to develop the platform with the assistance of the Queens Park staff. Which is usually presented to members at convention.


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