Q: Are the Ontario New Democrats Impoding? A: Yes! Reason: Clifford, Lawason, Yanez

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Q: Are the Ontario New Democrats Impoding? A: Yes! Reason: Clifford, Lawason, Yanez

on March 24 a babbler calling herself "poliSci tanya" began a thread called: "andrea horwath's new democrats starting to implode?" see:


i had already said in another thread i would leave the party after the president forced an unconstitutional and scam vote of council to delay convention. but the truth is, i have no other party to go to and I am still young and the ndp can be my future, I will not let those who have run the party into the ground push me out.

after i saw the hit tanya was taking on babble for her method and reliance on word of mouth, i decided to look for some answers myself. at first, all I wanted to know was if tanyas claim that the party had all its fundraisers on contract for YEARS, paying union dues, with no protection and if they had all been threatened to keep quiet or elses they would lose their jobs. this really bothered me because it is the complete opposite of everything we are supposed to represent which means the party is just scamming me for money like a religous cult. and because others on the thread did not see the real problem if this claimw as true.

so, i did some digging, snooping and probing. i spoke with party members, employees, riding presidents, exec members, and some former members and candidates. i kinda wish I hadn't because things are a lot worse than I had thought
from what i have learned and what came up again and again from different people, our party is now being run by a triad of power adn becauseof them, yes polisci tanya was right, we are imploding

Party secretary DARLENE LAWSON, president SANDRA CLIFFORD, both controlled by chief of staff GIZELLE YANEZ (i know who the first 2 are but not the last)

Here is what i learned

[Libelous claims deleted - Maysie]

my conclusion is these people are just dumb. i cant imagine anyone being that stupid even in campus politics

to top things off turns out or president also sits on the board of directors of cornerstone, the corporation created to own our head office, the building we dont own because we cant afford to pay for it. i couldnt find out if she gets paid for being on that board

i don't see how we can go on with this group of women running he show. i am not leaving anymore, they have to. i wanna hear if everyone else is as freaked out as me so let it rip!


Does everyone have their "smart meter" installed yet?


Taxpayer paid caucus staff doing organizational work for parties is VERY, very common.

Your not knowing about it is a consequence of the NDP subculture phenomena of not paying attention to organizational issues. "Wer'e in it for the ideas and principles you know." Who isn't? You think the people who do pay attention aren't?

This is true even of people who are the critics. Then, when they get REALLY disgruntled about something, they finally take a look. And oh my god, who knew?


If you read through that thread you'll see that even most critics objected to or at least did not agree with characterizing the ONDP as "imploding". You don't think maybe there is a lesson there?

JasonNDP wrote:

i don't see how we can go on with this group of women running he show. i am not leaving anymore, they have to.

The voice of democracy.

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Women really shouldn't be allowed to be in leadership positions of any kind, I think that would solve a lot of problems.






Closing for any number of reasons, but the official one is that the word "impoding" does not exist.

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P.S. Jason, I've reviewed your posting history and have suspended your account. If you wish to discuss this further, email me and oldgoat.



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