Rossi: Don't call me Right (wing)

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Rossi: Don't call me Right (wing)

So I was came across an article in today's Star where basically Mayoral candidate Rocco Rossi insists that he isn't "Right Wing" that he is instead a "pragmatist" he doesn't eat meat (why that would matter in the left-right spectrum is beyond me) and this old chestnut he actually bikes himself! Instead he states he is "fiscally conservative, socially liberal" Shit, if I heard a nickle for everytime I hear that, and further he is neither left nor right both phrases I've heard the Green Party spout for quite some time. Anyways, discuss.

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Rossi is an ass. Let's hope that his stupid war against bikes is going to be his downfall.


yeah that attitude tries to pretend there is no link between financial and social policy, which is insane.   


Rossi might also be interested to know that the straight edgers (no meat, no sex, no drugs) are pretty hard core right. My guess is he tossed in the vegetarian thing to play to people like me, who don't eat meat. Word to Rossi - I could care less what you put in your mouth. It is what comes out of it that matters.


Stargazer wrote:

Rossi might also be interested to know that the straight edgers (no meat, no sex, no drugs) are pretty hard core right. My guess is he tossed in the vegetarian thing to play to people like me, who don't eat meat. Word to Rossi - I could care less what you put in your mouth. It is what comes out of it that matters.

I think you might be confusing Hardline with Straightedge. Straight edge, (no drinking,smoking, drugs sex, Meat not so much) as originally manifested by groups like Minor Threat and Ian McKay were left (supported Planned Parenthood, anti-war, etc) While Hardline, following the sXe guideline and then some sythetisized with Deep Ecology and some Judeo-Christian Social Conservative sexual mores thrown in for good measure.



Thanks TheEtobian, you're right. Just had a look on Google for Hardline, that seems about right although I'm pretty sure the German Straightedge movement is fairly far right. I say this only because an ex of mine was a straight edger and he pretty much clued me into this whole movement.

This looks like a good book on the subject. I'm tempted to get it.

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Does Rossi plan to do for Toronto what he did for the federal Liberal Party?

...preside over its braindeath, I mean.

Skinny Dipper

I did make a comment on that article stating that I don't think Rossi is an ethno-cultural right winger.  He's not a racist who wants to get rid of all immigrants or at least control them on a short leash like many right wingers like to do.  I do think he is playing himself as an economic right winger.  He wants to privatize and cut back municipal services.  He wants bike lanes on side roads instead of main streets.  He's a right winger in my books.

A thought about bike lanes.  In theory, bike lanes on side streets seem fine.  However, there are an abundance of stop signs that makes the side streets an ineffective way for cyclists to travel.  If a cyclist stops at every sign, the side streets would actually be slower than a parallel main street.

Pragmatically thinking:

Former Ontario premier Mike Harris was not a right winger; he was pragmatic.

Stephen Harper is not a right winger; he's pragmatic.

Stockwell Day is not a right winger; he's also pragmatic.

Likud is not a right wing Israeli party; it's just plain pragmatic.

Baby George Bush was not a right winger; he was pretty pragmatic.

Sarah Palin is not a right winger; she's just pragmatic.

Skinny Dipper

If someone wants to do an unscientific Political Compass test for Rocci Rossi or any other candidate, go to this link.

See also for more information about where Canada's political parties are located on the compass.

Skinny Dipper

This is only a rough guess, but this is where I would place Rocci Rossi.  I tried to be as fair as possible.


 I'm personally always try to separate Right wing economic positions and right wing social or moral posistions. I mean it said it right there in the article that he was fiscally conservative socially liberal. I'm happy that you brought up the political compass, which I'm a big fan of personally, as it is a great tool to break that inadequate and horrifically simplistic left and right posistions(The one used on the news in the states left and right Liberal conservative). Rossi mentions that too, He's on the RIght, Smitherman in the centre, Joey Pants on the left, it isn't as simple as that, there are nuances. But the fact of the matter remains he is Right of centre (not simply centre right) on economic issues, a fiscal classical liberal if you will in the vein of  Thatcher or to use American terminology a Liberatarian in the vein of a Ron Paul. In his mind the government has no business owning Toronto Hydro, ergo it must be sold. That fact that it produces revenue is pointless, it should be sold and the "invisible hand" will fill it void with competing companies, meaning we the consumer will pay more for Hydro (and essentially get shafted) Hes defiently more rightwing than Lastman, thats for sure.


As for your list Skinny Dipper re: Pragmatism

Mikey Harris. I disagree he was very ideological. He became Prem and implemented the classic conservative mantras. Slash and burn cut taxes and gov't spending and deregulate. Ontario Hydro would be an execption as he could have easily just privatized, instead it was still a crown corp just a whole bunch in lieu of one.

Little Stevie Harper. You'd be right, he's doing a lot of stuff he's not comfortable with, and getting flak for it (Like the Taxpayers Federation of whatever there called.)

Burt Day (yes that's his real name BTW) Classic right winger, he's both Socially and Fiscally conservate. In the nineties when he led CCRAP, it was a perfect example of  Right wing (Mainstream mind you, I'm aware of Social Credit and CHP and CoR) in a canadian context, albeit with a particular emphasis on the social conservative aspect.

Likud. I'd be inclined to say Kadima would be more so. Likud is pretty right in the Israeli context, Hawkish military policy and fiscal liberalism. Compared to other parties like Shas or the other religious party whose name escapes me and might not be so right wing. Due to the electoral system (the one that Proportial Electoral opponents hold up as their exhibit one) it has to pragmatic, because it doesn't have a majority and must rely on other parties support to govern. One could make the case that all mainstream Israeli parties are pragmatic.

The Decider: He just did what Cheney told him to do.

Caribou Barbie: I doubt she can spell pragmatic.




Skinny Dipper

At least she can spell Rusha.


I do hope that the voters of Toronto (including moi) get some depth from the mayoral candidates.  Right now, I see Rossi as the Empire Club candidate.  There's nothing wrong with giving a speech to the Empire Club.  Many people from different political stripes do it.  I just get the feeling that Rossi is the Moore Park candidate instead of the main street candidate--a street without bicycles.

Here's my quick assessment of the other candidates:

Smitherman: E-health, furious, someone who wants the top job in the city without understanding first as a councillor how the city works.  The same holds true for Rossi, and Thomson.

Thomson: I not sure where her support is going to come from.  I think she wants suburban voters, but she wants to charge a $5 toll for using the DVP and Gardiner Expressway.  I worry because the other mayoral candidates who shoot down her idea, but want to impose it if they become the mayor.

Mammolitti/Mamoliti/Mammoliti?  Buffoon.

Ford: Right winger.  However, I'd vote for him before I vote for Rossi.  I do want mayoral candidates to have experience on council first.

Pantalone: If he can distinguish himself from David Miller, he may have a chance at becoming the mayor.  Pantalone can be proud of his record on council.  He just needs to demonstrate that he is going to be his own man instead of being a clone of Miller.

The winner: Adam Vaughan in 2014.  He just needs to understand the 'burbs if he wants to run for mayor in 2014.


I must say I'm not quite dazzled by these crop of candidates, very uninspired. Rossi is going after the suburban voters who drive to work in downtown and couldn't give a rats ass about either transit. To them cycling is simply a form of exercize not a form of transportation. The ones who view cyclist with disdain and utter comtempt, if they could they'd pull a Michael Bryant (Oh no he di'nt!) Services fuck it, that's for poor people give me more money so I can buy some flaming new shit.

Smitherman will be the ultimate centrist tilting every-so-slightly to the right to get some would be Tory supporters, and the suburbanites. Probably will win, if this current crop of candidates remains static. I'll tell you this though, he'll get a crash course in municipal politics as an outside, and how he needs to gets to get half of those 44 people in the half circle in front of him. Knowing his temperment it could be interesting. If he's not in the public gallery seeing things operate he should.

Thompson, haven't heard much aside from the road toll, which leads me to believe shes after the central toronto vote. In the vein of those against the Spadina in the 1960s. I'm guessing she'll try to give George Smitherman a run for his money in that part of the city between the Humber River to Victoria Park up to Eglington.

Mammoliti. I hear circus music. I think I'll get a Mammoliti sign just for shits and giggles.

Ford. The love child of Limbaugh and Beck. Wow, you don't spend any money good for you! Doesn't make you less of an asshole.

Joey "Pants" Pantalone Shit dude, Inspire me!

I'm offering Mr. Vaughn my services as a Suburban liason. It's out there if your listening.

Winner Smitherman with 35-39%