"School shopping" in Ontario based on income and ethnicity

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Stephen Gordon

That's the whole point: making both sorts of data available makes it possible for people to see for themselves the extent to which socio-economic factors explain school performance. If you're going to claim that socio-economic factors are the reason a school performs badly. then you should be expected to back up that claim. And if you can't, then I don't see why covering up the performance of bad schools is in any way helpful.


Makwa wrote:

These were not the goals of the government ordered program.  I don't believe that they found that the previously segregated kids performed in a demonstratively worse fashion.  The goals were to break the educationally segregated stranglehold white parents had on the system, much to the chagrin of racist white folk who were unable to subsequently flee to whiter climes or private schools.  However, as you so deftly point out, where there is a will to escape diverse schools and a wallet, narrow minded and fearful parents will have their way, bleating about how it's 'for the children!'

Bravo - thanks, Makwa.

When I opened this thread, I expected pretty unanimous agreement. My naïveté. I totally forgot about the desire of the privileged to reproduce their privilege - and to view that as their "right"!



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Please do continue in the sequel over here, as this is now over 100 posts and a pain to load, and it is obviously going to continue, I posted SGordon's last red herring into the new thread.


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