Is Scott Moffatt fear mongering out of desperation?

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Is Scott Moffatt fear mongering out of desperation?

Scott Moffatt = Instilling fear for votes and not getting mine

Talking to a few friends at the Marlborough in North Gower and whenever I see people that I know around the area, the only reason why anyone says that they will vote for Scott is because he has told them that a vote for him is the only way that the voters can knock Glenn Brooks out. When I ask them, what part of the platform do they like of his, their response is, "Well, I don't actually really like him at all, he has become very arrogant, but we need to get Glenn out and Scott said that if there is a vote split, Glenn will get back in."

I believe he is right, no one that has gone to a debate says that they will vote for him, because he hasn't done anything in the community, does not know how to speak into the microphone (he yells into it all the time) and does not know how to let other people speak and so continually interrupts them, which is not professional and almost child-like. So the vote split is true, no one wants to vote for him, but he has hood-winked some of the voters, Randall Denley included, that he is the only choice, problem being, that by doing this, he will take away the votes from the candidates that the voters would actually like to see representing them.

McCallum and Webster are valid candidates and by Moffatt instilling this type of fear, I feel that this will cause vote split with McCallum and Webster dropping down to 2nd and 3rd, behind Brooks, rather than 1st and 2nd, where they deserve to be. After speaking to both of them, I have decided to put McCallum ahead of Webster because of 2 things, support and transit.


McCallum- supported by Campaign Life, Birth Right (he just accepted a mother with a newborn baby into the house this past week, so he said in Manotick), one of 3 candidates chosen by OTAG, Ottawa Taxpayers Advocacy Group, at their debate, as a stand out contender.

Webster- supported by Betty Hill (past mayor of Goulbourn Township and I highly respect her as she was a great mayor), some members of the Rural Council as he was chair of the Board for a few years, much of Richmond for his fight against Munster and its pipeline into Richmond (probably cuts Munster support to near 0 though)


McCallum- wants to implement a GO-train like system to get people into the City and out again. Causing growth in community businesses because no ‘stopping on the way home'. Iain wants a viable transit system within the next 2 years. I feel that the City cannot wait another 4 years much less 20 years. McCallum is the only candidate in Ward 21 supporting Maguire's transit plan proposal.

Webster- wants the tunnel to stand, but would rather see buses go through the tunnel instead of the train, until train is feasible. With research, David Reevley addresses the BRT. Webster is the only candidate in Ward 21 supporting Haydon's BRT proposal.