St. Paul's by-election

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Lord Palmerston

A third candidate, Bob Frankford, is also running for the NDP nomination.


Interesting; and he's the only one with legislative experience (MPP, Scarborough East, 1990-1995)


Maysie wrote:
I still haven't forgiven them for Harris' second majority win in 1999.


Yup the great myth of strategic voting it was almost as if harris himself came up with that great strategy


The NDP appears to have an impressive set of prospective candidates.

Lord Palmerston

miles wrote:


Levy will be an interesting candidate. the numbers federally and provincially are huge for the libs. but what i have not been able to figure out is if the riding is a liberal riding. or is the riding won by the candidate. ie is it liberal or is it a bryant and bennett riding.

I see a lot of similarities between Levy's candidacy and that of Peter Kent in '06 (i.e. there will be a very visible campaign and a high profile candidate but the votes just not being there) - and I think her showing will be similar.


Long thread - I'll close this and people can feel free to start a continuation thread.


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