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!!! ST. PAUL'S - WARD 21 !!!



For more info go to

alternatively, search for 'WARD 21 PETER NOLAN' on Facebook

Lord Palmerston

Somehow I don't think a Rob Ford wannabe is going to be getting too much support from either babblers or voters in St. Paul's.


How do we define span? This poster above hasn't posted before or since, and Nolan is a Rob Ford clone.


cross post with his Lordship.


Just so I know: would this be the place to discuss who is running to be a TDSB trustee? I don't want to suffer the wrath of the Republic of Babble. Or, given the length of this one, should I hive off discussion onto a separate thread?


You may as well. I never have a clue who to vote for for school trustee, so any information is a help.

Sheldon Jerenberg

Well, you shouldn't judge a person based on mayoral candidate he supports, and that also does not make that person a clone or a "wannabe". I actually met Peter Nolan. Now, I don't live in Ward 21 but my wife and I were visiting our friends who live in that area, and he happened to canvass that day. Well, I do not mean to promote him or anything. Please don't get me wrong. I always support promising young people and believe they hold the key to the bright future of our city. I believe Peter is one of them, he is a very pleasant and genuine young man who wants to bring changes and not increase the size of his bank account. What I really respect about him is that he is taking time to go door-to-door and meet people face-to-face. Honestly, not every candidate does that and quite frankly, I never met any candidates in front of my door. If you get a chance to meet him in-person, you will see for yourself.

But anyway, I came across this forum because we recently moved to Dupont-Spadina area (Ward 20) and I would like to know more about candidates (other than the incumbent). I would greatly appreciate if anyone could share any information.

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It's Adam Vaughan, and he seems to have the whole thing locked up since there is no serious competition from other serious candidates. I looked around at the other candidates, and information is hard to come by. No web sites. No real concept. One of them is a looney right winger -- like way out.

That is about it. Hopefully someone serious will enter at some point.

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Closing for length.


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