Toronto Police fatally shoot a man in his car

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Toronto Police fatally shoot a man in his car

More violence by the police, and a shameful display of the horrendous macho culture of the police force.

The details seem sketchy, but what is known is the man fled the police, was chased by the police, hit a police officer with his car, and his car was hit with at least a dozen bullets.

The dead man is being described as having a mental illness and struggling to get his family life in order.


Wieslaw Duda died in a hail of bullets on Commissioners St. near Cherry St. when police tried to stop a compact car that had sped away from other officers following a brief chase at 1 a.m. Monday.


According to the SIU, police began pursuing a car at Leslie St. and Commissioners St. at 1 a.m. Monday.

Soon after, police stopped following the car, but later located it at Cherry and Commissioners Sts. At that intersection, one officer was struck by the car and the driver of the silver Nissan Sentra was fatally shot.

The officer was taken to St. Michael's Hospital with minor injuries and released later in the day.

Police cordoned off the scene Monday morning, and Cherry St. remained closed south of Lake Shore Blvd. E. while the SIU continued to investigate along with forensic officers and the collision reconstruction unit.

At the intersection, the Nissan remained blocked by five police cruisers, and another three police cruisers were parked behind it. The Nissan's front doors were open, its body dented, and several of its windows shattered. A dozen bullet holes had punctured the right side of the vehicle and its front window, and a few shotgun shells littered the ground behind the car. A nearby police cruiser had a flat tire.

Article in the Toronto Star


Maysie wrote:
The dead man is being described as having a mental illness...

Yeah, the mere act of bringing a compact car to a gun fight at the OK corral with the Toronto paramilitary coppers lends credence to the description.

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I found the Star's angle to be their classic "bleeding heart liberal" schtick, which is raising support and sympathy for the victim. It reinforces the trope of the "sympathetic victim". And that somehow Mr. Duda being diagnosed schizophrenic is relevant to this blatant example of police brutality, complete mis-use of police resources (aren't there some rapists to track down?) and doing fucking car chases. 


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This was a straight-up hit job. You attack a cop they will kill you. They are a gang.

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[url=]Schizophrenic man alleges police beating[/url]





Even several days later, the frightened man's eyes are swollen almost shut and ringed with purple -- the right one is caked with dried blood.

Stitches poke out from his bulging, reddened left ear and his normally thin face is puffed out nearly beyond recognition.

He's terrified to leave his family's Mississauga home.

And he still has no idea what he did wrong.



She and her husband have launched a complaint with the Office of the Independent Police Review Director, which investigates complaints against police.

Pugash, who has viewed some of the photos of da Rocha taken by his family, pointed out that the officer also suffered "scratches and scrapes" while trying to arrest the man.

"His injuries weren't serious," Pugash said. "Neither were this man's, in the opinion of doctors."


My god.  What the fuck is "prowling by night" anyhow?  Walking down the street in the middle of the night?  And it's "suspicious behaviour" for someone to run away if, in the middle of the night, a car not identified as a police car, stops and some guy calls out to you?  I'd run too!

And oh yeah, I'll just BET the police officer had injuries.  Hey boys, why not post a picture of your officer and his supposed "injuries"?  Let's just see how similar they are to this guy's.