Warren Kinsella, and the Ontario Wheat Board

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Warren Kinsella, and the Ontario Wheat Board

Guess Kinsella is an "expert" on everything!:D

showdown between Ontario's wheat marketing board and a dismissed regional director is escalating after the chairman rejected a request to attend a meeting here today to explain the action.

The crux of the confrontation is none other than Warren Kinsella, the key Liberal Party strategist.

In dumping Lanark County-based director John Vanderspank, the Ontario Wheat Producers Marketing Board accused him of insubordination for publicly criticizing the hiring of Kinsella's Daisy Consulting Group to lobby the federal government in support of the agricultural Risk Management Program.

"Who in their right mind hires a Liberal strategist to lobby a Conservative government," Vanderspank -- an originator of the militant Ontario Landowners Association -- wondered loudly about the OWPMB's motivation in an article he wrote in an agricultural newspaper.



What do you think about this BA?

Bookish Agrarian

I know John Vanderspank a bit - had a long chat with him once at the IPM and those people have taken on the wrong red-neck!Tongue out

Never underestimate how deep the Liberal partisan connections run in Ontario's farm organizations.



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What does that mean? They made the wrong move hiring Kinsella? Or the correct move?

Bookish Agrarian

I doubt it is good move, but I would be willing to bet that Kinsella was hired becasue of those Liberal connections, not the quality of any service he would provide.



I always thought that WK was right wing. now I have proof


I was going to post this early in the week, because I thought it was really an odd story merely on the presence of Kinsella being an ag lobbyist.  I see the fight has now gone general public.  Neat.

Maybe a few agricultural-political pork practices will be outed. 

I'm no big fan of the local Landowners.  But every once in a while I'll run across a really prepared, mean, redneck with a taste for politics.  Sounds like Vanderspank is one of them.   

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Well, I was interested because they got rid of an elected person, to insert a paid person, who is deeply partisan to the Liberal Party, but for some reason they think he can lobby a Conservative federal government.

And what is with their thinking they have a right to get rid of an elected person anyway?


If babble ever has a contest to choose the most boring thread title, this would be my nominee.

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aka Mycroft

Kinsella's firm is doing a great job as I didn't even know there was an Ontario Wheat Board until this story broke.