What happened here?

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What happened here?

I'm trying to make sense of this article. Did somebody in a van run into 5 cyclists and then take off. Could this have been deliberate?
Five injured as van slams into cyclists





Maybe it was a delberate act by an insane person or maybe it was just stupidity. I frequently see drivers who don't even watch where they are going. They yak on the phone, play with their gadgets, eat, drink, anything. I ride my bike less than I used to because it has become clear to me that no matter how careful I am, I am at risk of being run over. It only takes a moment to end up as a quadriplegic for the rest of my life, or to end up with severe brain damage.

I hate the way some careless people drive. They are a menace. 


Well the police have apparently found a vehicle and made an arrest. It appears to be a hit-and-run but I am also wondering if it was deliberate. Taking out 5 bikes is quite a feat. Yell

sachinseth sachinseth's picture

id say it was just careless driving. though i think marzo may be more paranoid than anything else. cars hit each other much more often that cars hit bikes, and people drive all the time.

no point living in fear!

martin dufresne

No one is being paranoid for calling careless driving here. The cyclists were in a wide bike lane, for god's sake! One has to be extremely careless or murderous to slam into a five-person group. (Not to mention running away afterwards.)


Thanks martin.

Also the timing of the incident is a bit unusual isn't it? I doubt if there was a lot of traffic around on a Sunday morning.

Apart from being quite concerned about the cyclists, this is indeed a stange occurence. I am hoping there are some good witnesses around that will be able to tell us what really happened here. 


From the list of cyclists I would assume they were riding in a pace line or tighter group.  So the fact that all five were hit is not surprising.  The amount of damage IS surprising and speaks to more just bumping the group, but a more serious collision, enough to raise the question of it being a deliberate attack.



Well that's what I'm leaning towards, based on some circumstantial evidence such as the hit-and-run, obviously knowing that the cyclists were injured and might have life-threatening injuries and abandoning them, the lack of other traffic due to the time and date, 7:50 AM Sunday morning.

It may only be because they are in good physical condition, that some of these cyclists will even survive this incident.  

It will be interesting to hear what the cyclists and other eye witnesses have to say, plus to hear a psychological profile of the driver. 


Well, the driver turned himself in to police, so let's hope it was not deliberate.

martin dufresne

Matters little to the victims, IMO.

Wilf Day

"Just before noon, a man turned himself in to police in Kanata. . ."

 Four hours later. Time to sober up?


I hope he pulls through. Please send positive thought his way.


One of 5 cyclists in hit and run clinging to life


One of the five Ottawa-area cyclists seriously injured in a hit-and-run accident Sunday morning remains in critical condition after being struck by a minivan in the Ottawa suburb of Kanata.

Robert Wein, 36, was the most seriously injured and suffered severe brain trauma. He is a father of two and a triathlete who completed a half-Ironman triathlon last weekend. He has not regained consciousness and remains in critical condition.