Who'll run Canada's biggest town? Phase II

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Who'll run Canada's biggest town? Phase II

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And so the muck-raking begins. If the Sun is carrying this, then they *really* couldn't have ignored it, much as it pains them.

I think this is only the starting gun for lots of rooting through bins/pulling old police records/talking to exes/former school buddies.* I suspected this was going to go this way eventually, but I was hoping for a clean run until September. Ah, well. Just as well I packed my Sou'wester.

*Choose your particular poison



But does it matter? Short of murder, his support seems to be there. His backers may even forgive murder and are suspicious why it seems there is less interest into looking into any dubious choices among others on the ballot. (my emphasis)


Yikes. And this is the Sun, so I am prepared for my invective to be served in hot sauce.

It's okay, apparently, for Ford to be caught DUI, to associate with homophobes and to make borderline racist remarks. But holy jumpin' hotcakes, if any of his opponents dare to conduct a tete-a-tete on a taxpayer-owned couch, then bring out the guillotine!


Maybe because of hints that the game may be changing with the drug-bust revelation, I'd be as cautious about overestimating the current solidity of Rob Ford's support as I would have been about dismissing him a few months ago.  That is, his core may be holding; but it isn't necessarily as large a core as polling's suggesting.  Though it's a pretty vocal core, if we're to judge from newspaper comments and talk radio.  But if he still winds up with 3 times the vote of John Nunziata in 2003--big deal; in all likelihood, he still loses.