Windsor mayoral/council races

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Windsor mayoral/council races

Anyone have any thoughts on the races in Windsor?  I'm leaning without much enthusiasm towards Limoges right now mainly because he seems to have a little more labour support and seems less likely to spend money on sketchy megaprojects.  Is there an especially progressive candidate I should be aware of?

In the school board races, I'm eager to support Shelley Harding-Smith, who's prominent in the local NDP association.  Probably also Kim McKinley.

Will probably support Ron Jones in my ward, just because he's the one candidate I've actually heard concrete policy suggestions from.  Should I know more about John Elliott?


I discovered today that John Elliott is related to a building:

"Married with seven children and two grandchildren, John is a descendant of the John Freeman Walls Historical Museum in Puce, ON."

Also, Ward 1 candidate Matt Ford has an eclectic beackground:

"Matt, who is active in his community, most recently protested pay raises for city managers, led protests against coalition governments, filed a Human Rights Complaint against Sid Ryan, and has had letters to editor published multiple times in local and national papers."

Shannon Procellini is a good New Democrat, but I hope she gets someone to do a makeover of her website. It's one of the worst I've seen.


In Ward 9, Antun Peakovic is using a pedometer to keep track of every step he takes on the campaign trail.  Why?  Who knows?  But he's broken the 100,000 step barrier.


Angelo Marignani thinks Windsor is the land of non sequitirs: "Windsor is the frontier of the Canadian dream; from it's French Colonial beginnings, to the end of the Underground railway to our mini van success story."


John Middleton's site is still under construction. I hope he has a team working on his haircut too.


And Tristan Fehrenbach certainly knows the voters of Ward 3 quite well - his t-shirts are available up to size 3-X!




Is it just my imagination, or does Matt Ford's logo rather closely resemble That Other Ford Guy's logo?


In Windsor tonight, Ken Lewenza Jr. was defeated for re-election in Ward 5, but Ron Jones hung on in Ward 2 by 3 votes!

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